Hi everyone, in order to help keep our students safe while using our services, eTutors Project has implemented new policies on child safety . It is crucial that you read through the policies on our child safety page. Please note that by continuing to use our service after 23/06/2022, it will mean that you agree to the terms outlined in these policies.

Our Commitment to Child Safety

eTutors Project is committed to ensuring that children feel safe and respected. We have a zero tolerance approach towards abuse and strictly operate in accordance with the national child-safe principles, as seen in the diagram below:

Please read the following summaries of eTutors Project’s policies and other relevant documents which are regularly reviewed to ensure that eTutors Project provides a safe environment for our students:

Our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety outlines our commitment to:

  • Creating a safe and respectful environment for children
  • Ensuring that children feel safe and supported in our organisation
  • Having robust policies and procedures in place to respond to child abuse
  • You can view the full document here

Our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy:

  • Outlines expectations for eTutors Project employees and volunteers in accordance with the 10 national child-safe principles
  • Communicates to parents and students the precautions taken by eTutors Project to ensure that students’ rights, safety and wellbeing are taken seriously
  • You can view the full document here

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Outlines our standards of behaviour for employees and volunteers
  • Describes how employees and volunteers must respond to breaches of the Code of Conduct
  • You can view the full document here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact eTutors Project through the Contact Us page.

If you would like more information on the child safety guidelines and principles set by each Australian state, please refer to the following links: